Fortune's Star

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Destiny was definitely out to get her...

In the heart of the Imperial Stars, past and future collide, as ghosts converge in battle for a fortune-teller’s soul...on Port Destiny Station.

Luxi Emery was perfectly happy with her position as the receptionist for Armored Media Corp. Then her hidden talent for seeing the future awakened -- and exposed a black-mailing con-artist haunted by a malevolent ghost. It was a lose-lose situation, and Luxi had only a single shred of hope.

Her future awaits on Port Destiny station. A future intertwined with Amun, the handsome diplomatic telepath, and Leto, a ghost-haunted cyborg with very human carnal appetites. If they can resolve a few…intimate…details.

Yet a darker future is chases Luxi: they are not alone, and Leto’s is not the only hungry ghost hunting for her.

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BDSMWARNING! This is an S/M Fantasy!
This is a work of fiction intended to stimulate the imagination and the body. While my stories sometimes depict humiliation and/or coersion they are not meant to be anything thing more than pure Sado-Masachistic make-believe.

Remember there are Rules for BDSM Play.
They begin & end with:

Safe - Sane & Consensual.

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Fallen Angel Reviews

golden angelMorgan Hawke tells a futuristic tale that will scorch your sheets! In Fortune’s Star, Luxi, Leto and Amun all have issues, which have made forming relationships difficult. Their discovery of each other, physically and emotionally, is entertaining and arousing. Fortune’s Star is a big, bold, blistering tale of the search for love and sex with a paranormal twist.

... Hard Candy is not for the faint of heart (or body)! But if you want to be mentally and sexually stimulated, give this anthology a whirl. I thoroughly enjoyed it and give Hard Candy my highest recommendation. -- Reviewed by: Trang

" --- eeeeeeeee!!! It's so good!!! All of it is so good!!! Morgan Hawke's Fortune's Star had my heart in my mouth with it's thrilling plot, as well as it's deliciously decadent sexual heat. Wow, I'd so buy a full fledged novel of these characters and this universe. It caught hold of me completely, like the very best scifi novels do. Honestly, when I'd seen the excerpts, I didn't know what to think, because I couldn't get a sense of the story they were set into, but the full deal with everything in context, it's utterly gorgeous.

All the stories are good. Heck great *^_^*... But Fortune's Star really really did it for me. All beautiful plot layers and delicious characterization. Rich details and a whole universe that was gloriously exciting."


5 Stars ~ AMAZON.Com

Morgan Hawke's "Fortune's Star" is the chef-d'œuvre of this book and also the longest offering. The story plays in the same universe as her other "Star" sci-fi erotica novels but doesn't contain their very strong BDSM features; it has only a few.

The genuine fortune-teller Luxi is on the way to her new and boring job. On Port Destiny Station she meets Leto, a cyborg housing a human spirit, and Amun, diplomat and telepath. Luxi becomes Amun's assistant and their lover. They defeat an evil spirit, and she decides to stay with the two men.

This is one sensually erotic story! Morgan Hawke is an excellent writer who knows how to seamlessly combine sci-fi with erotica and a love story without ever losing her focus on the story. The world-building is thought-through and exciting, the characters are sexy, always true to how they are supposed to be and believable, and the sex is scorchingly erotic, the ideal combination. Ms. Hawke is a true storyteller with an immense talent for engaging the reader's mind and body.

If you're in the mood for an erotic read to titillate the senses, the last story alone is enough to justify buying this book. All in all a very satisfying anthology. -- Reviewed by Iris



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